Wrist Sensor

This sensor is designed to be worn on the wrist and provide accurate capture of pressures exerted on the wrist. This thin, fabric-like sensor offers a minimally-invasive method for measuring the contact pressure of any device or product worn on the wrist. Use this to map and measure the comfort of watch bands, wristbands, activity trackers, and more. Identify areas of high-pressures or discomfort, and improve your product in a quantitative, measurable way.

Key Features

  • Thin sensor and stretchable band enables minimally-intrusive pressure measurements when applying wearable products against your wrist

  • Pressure mapping data that correlates to the level of product comfort and feel

  • Sensitive and repeatable tactile sensors capture precise and accurate wrist pressure information for the development of better products

  • Capacitive sensing technology saves time and improves results by reducing recalibration and repeated testing

  • Chameleon Visualization Software provides intuitive, easy to use, high-quality visualization and easy access to data for analysis and export to other applications

Spec Sheet


Comfort and pressure testing of watches, watch bands, wrist bands, activity trackers, bracelets, and more.


  • Wrist Band Tactile Sensor.

  • Rechargeable electronics interface module with Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Chameleon Visualization and Data Acquisition Software

  • Synchronized video capture function and hardware

  • Remote Installation and Training