Tactile Sensor Systems

Our contact pressure sensor systems are comprised of three main components. A tactile sensor, our versatile data visualization software Chameleon, and a connector that allows your data to be transmitted in between.

Click here if you are looking for a sensor specialized for a specific application, such as grip force measurement, or spray pressure measurement.

센서 제품군

We offer a wide selection of sensors that fit nearly any application. For general use, we offer two types of sensors: the DigiTact, and the TactArray. Sensors for specific use cases can be found on the applications page. If you are looking for a particular shape, size, feature, or pressure range, browse our sensor catalog.

data Visualization Software

Chameleon is our data visualization software that allows you to interface with your sensor systems. Chameleon comes standard with all of our products and displays live and recorded data from your sensor system. Packed with functionality, you can view 2D and 3D heat maps, line graphs, and all quantitative data through it. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Chameleon allows you to easily visualize, access, and export your data.

tactile sensor catalog

browse our sensor Catalog

Use this catalog to search and filter our tactile sensor designs by size, resolution, and applications.