PPS와 GoSmart, 공동개발 끝에 SleepSmart 배게 출시

SleepSmart 베개는 놀랍도록 편안한 베개로 높이 조절이 가능하여 편안한 수면 자세를 유지하도록 돕습니다. 또한 SleepSmart App을 이용해 수면의 질 향상에도 도움을 줍니다.

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PPS, a world-leading design and manufacturing company, and GoSmart, Inc., an innovative marketer of consumer products, announced the launch of the SleepSmart Pillow and Mobile App.

The SleepSmart Pillow is a smart pillow crafted especially to help side sleepers, a demographic that has been largely unaddressed. The SleepSmart Mobile App complements the pillow through collection of sleep data directly from the pillow. The information is analyzed in conjunction with daily activities and referenced against validated scientific research to provide individualized, actionable insights on how to get the best rest and sleep.

Having tested hundreds of pillows and surveyed thousands of people, PPS and GoSmart realized that while side sleepers make up 60% of the population, pillows are simply not designed for them as evidenced by the common neck pain problems. Furthermore, extensive testing of almost every sleep tracking application was conducted for more than 6 months. Unfortunately, they all seem to miss the whole reason for sleeping - so we can thrive during the day!

To address these challenges, PPS engineers not only iterated and tested eight rounds of prototypes to achieve the optimal design for ideal comfort and support but also developed the SleepSmart Mobile App to educate users on their sleeping habits and needs. Data, such as sleep duration, movements, snoring, and sound, is analyzed, and then the app intelligently combines it with activities that affect good rest such as amount of caffeine consumed, exercise, etc. to provide actionable recommendations on how our sleep can be improved.

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“I suffered repeated neck pains for years but could not find the right pillow. The SleepSmart Pillow was created to provide a solution that can be tailored to each individual. I look forward to see how our pillow will make tremendous positive impact on the world by improving quality of life through better sleep and rest,” says Dr. Jae Son, CEO of PPS and GoSmart and co-inventor of SleepSmart.

The resulting SleepSmart Pillow and Mobile App deliver the world’s best sleep experience by providing:

  • Ultimate comfort through easily fine tunable support height with a pinch. While your head is on the pillow, you can easily find the perfect position to achieve both support and comfort

  • Quality design with premium materials

  • Intelligent monitoring and coaching of your sleep to help you rest better

  • Snore and sound monitoring and recording

  • Silent vibrating alarm helps wake you up at the optimum time in your sleep cycle, while not waking up your partner

  • Accurate monitoring of head on pillow time and motion during sleep

  • 100 night money-back guarantee

“As a society, we have been focusing on minutia details of sleep enabled by technology. The most important factors of getting a good night’s rest are how long you sleep, how consistent your sleep routine is, and how you feel during the day. SleepSmart Mobile App introduces a more impactful way to track and interpret sleep data,” says Brandon Larson, a Red Bull technologist and co-inventor of SleepSmart.

SleepSmart Pillow is currently available for pre-purchase. For more information, go to SleepSmart Media Kithttps://www.sleepsmartpillows.com or contact us at info@sleepsmartpillows.com.

About PPS and GoSmart

PPS and GoSmart partnered with the vision of becoming the world’s most trusted group for developing products that helps improve quality of life through greater quality of rest.

PPS is a world-leading design and manufacturing company that has the of helping companies create innovative and successful products in medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, automotive applications, industrial and consumer electronics products. Over the past decade PPS team leveraged their expertise in design and software integration to build a customer base that comprises of many world leading technology companies.

GoSmart, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. GoSmart develops and markets exceptionally useful consumer products.

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